Teach English Abroad: Qualifications to Volunteer Teaching

Do you want to travel the world and go to new places? One thing you can do to achieve this dream is to volunteer in Nepal as a teacher. To be able to teach English abroad, however, you must meet a number of qualifications and requirements.

When you are considering a volunteer position abroad, here are a few things you must know.

Is teaching experience necessary?

Given that there are a billion people in the world taking English language classes yearly, you have all the opportunities to teach English abroad. In fact, the demand for teachers is high that teaching experience is no longer necessary.

However, this does not mean that professional qualifications are the same from country to country. Although, native English speakers are highly preferred to teach the language, there are still more necessities to meet requirements such as a TEFL certification.

How about non-native speakers?

Currently, there are roughly 250,000 English speakers working abroad as a teacher. Although requirements vary from every country, you must be aware that Asian nations such as China, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, and Vietnam may strongly prefer native speakers with citizenship from an English speaking country.

In the contrary, because of the massive demand for teaching the language, you may still get the chance to teach even if you are not a native speaker. The opportunities to volunteer Nepal international schools have to offer are open to English teachers who are non-native speakers. Take a look at Involvement Volunteers International

Is a college degree required?

You might have heard that a college degree is a primary requirement as stated by law in most western European nations and Asian nations such as Japan, Korea, and U.A.E. While this is true, schools may differ in policies regarding degree requirements. Even if you don’t have a four-year degree, you still can qualify to teach English abroad from numerous of countries such as China, Cambodia, Nepal, Russia, and Ukraine.

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